It was a two-month process for a Chemainus house move as snowy weather extended the timeline slightly. The process that preceded the moving of the large second storey house at 9833 Willow St. on March 4 began two months earlier.

On January 3, the preliminary work began when the Haz Force (asbestos removers) arrived at the property in protective clothing. It took a week for the three-man crew to complete this laborious task in the contained area of the second storey and attic. By January 14, it was ready for Belton Bros. Structural Movers to start the long process of gutting the first storey and garage of the house.

NO PARKINGIt’s time for the house at 9833 Willow St. in Chemainus to get moving tonight. (Photo by Don Bodger)  Belton Brothers Structural Movers have everything in place for the big move of the house at 9833 Willow St. in Chemainus tonight between midnight and 5 a.m.

If you’re inclined to stay up at odd hours to watch eclipses or other celestial events, and you’re also interested in photographing the rare transport of a house out of its location, that’s your time frame.



Article 1Once the space is cleared, construction can begin on a multi-family development. The lot will eventually house seven units of about 700 square feet each.

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