We are the Belton Bros. Structural Movers and House Movers. We have been moving houses since 1948. The current geographical location of our business is Cobble Hill, BC on Vancouver Island.

We are a fully insured, professional house and structure moving business. Moving a house  or any structural building is our specialty. We  raise barns, homes and other structures. We can recycle houses, buildings and any structure that can be moved.

The Belton’s were originally named CW Belton and Son’s House Moving.  The hard working family began moving structures in Manitoba. Bryan Belton started his career under the watchful eye of his father Clayton. What a sight to behold this young 12 year old Bryan driving the truck whilst his dad moved the telephone wires and  Barrie Belton stood on the bumper directing young Bryan. A short time later the family moved to British Columbia.

In 1964 Clayton Belton retired. Carrying on the structural house movers business were two Belton bothers Bryan and Barrie (sons of Clayton). The name changed from CW Belton and Sons House Moving to Belton Bros House Moving.  The business continued to flourish.   With their house moving successes Belton Bros expanded into the structural moving.  Structural moving includes house boats, float homes, ships and other large structures.

Today, Belton Bros. third generation is run by Bryan and Cory Belton.  Cory has been moving homes and other large structures from the age of 16 on Vancouver Island,  Vancouver and even parts of Washington. With old fashioned family values, Cory and  Bryan bring Belton and Bros Structural Moving into the modern era.  “We are fully involved in the business of house moving.  We look forward to assisting you with your next house, building, or any type of structural move.”

With 65 years of house and structural moving you can be assured that we the Belton Bros will guarantee you professional and quality service.

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