Need a pilot car? Belton Bros can pilot your over-sized load.  With the Belton Bros pilot car service, an escort car leads the way as your heavy haul cargo is transported from anywhere on Vancouver Island. A pilot car driver works as a team with the person driving an over-sized load. Together, both drivers are in communication with each other to be sure  all over-sized loads make it to their destinations safely.

Belton Bros pilot car has the  duties and responsibilities of warning other drivers that there is an over-sized load on the road. The pilot car will block traffic lanes when necessary. Because the driver of the over-sized load and the pilot car in in constant communication, the pilot car will communicate when it is safe for the over-sized load to change lanes or proceed toward its destination.  Tunnels and bridges are potential dangerous areas for an oversize load. The pilot car will inform the driver if it is safe to continue.  Turning and large curves can also be difficult for the heavy load hauler and it is up to the pilot car to ensure safety in these areas.

Belton Bros are properly  and fully insured for all pilot car transportation activities.

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