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BELTON BROTHERS Structural Movers

“Integrity, Honesty, and Hard Work Guaranteed” – Cory Belton, Belton Bros.

Our Services

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Structural House Moves

Safely transporting houses from one site to another

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Industrial Moves

We transport, barge, and load industrial projects 

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Recycled Houses For Sale

Recycled houses, barns, sheds, and other buildings for sale. Our current listings.

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Raising Houses

Raising houses and other structures

No Project Too Big 

Belton Bros. structural movers are the professional choice for
house moving and structure moves that require safe transportation from one site to another.

We move  more than houses.  We move all structures including industrial structures. Part of our portfolio is moving overweight and oversized structures.  We transport, barge and load industrial projects, always providing quality work, timely completion and professional service. We raise houses and other structures too.

All properties and buildings are unique.  Each and every structure, whether it’s being moved or recycled requires a thorough investigation before we offer a quotation.  You will be surpised at how affordable we are.

We like to think there is no job to big and so far that’s been true!  We move any structure that needs moving – large or small, we move ’em all!

Moving Structures
Since 1941

Over 1250
Projects Completed

Current Structural Listings For Sale

If you are buying a structure from us, we will offer you a fair price for purchase.
Included in our price is delivery (exceptions apply). If there are additional transportation fees or any supplemental fees, we will be sure to let you know in advance.

21 x 21 Addition Tiny home

We’ve Been Moving Structures For Over 79 Years

Belton Bros. Structural Movers and House Movers has been moving houses since 1941. The current geographical location of our business is Chemainus British Columbia on Vancouver Island.

We are a fully insured, professional house and structure moving business. We have the knowledge and the equipment  to move just about any structure. We also raise barns, homes and structures.


Call Belton Bros For a Free Quote:  250.748.7756 

“Hi , Thank you for all your efforts yesterday. We are greatly appreciative as we did get the home–because we were the first to sign the contract which you came in and wrote up on your day off. Our family lost our housing as the landlord sold our previous residence.”

I have two teenage girls and we have been living in a 5th wheel and they are understandably desperate for their own room(s) for school and privacy. You and Cory made this possible.. We were advised that you had better services, and a great reputation and reasonable prices for the kind of work involved.

I am so happy we chose your company.


Other Belton Bros Services

We Don’t Just Move Houses

Belton Bros. Structural Movers and House Movers provides other services. In addition to houses, we can move just about any structure: single and double wide mobile homes, boats, house boats, and ships.

We raise houses and other structures.

We provide pilot car service and a crane for hire services.

Need something else? Give us a call.



Service Pilot Car Crop

Pilot Car Service

Belton Bros can pilot your over-sized load. With the Belton Bros pilot car service, an escort car leads the way as your heavy haul cargo is transported from anywhere on Vancouver Island.

A pilot car driver works as a team with the person driving an over-sized load. Together, both drivers are in communication with each other to be sure all over-sized loads make it to their destinations safely…more

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Mobile Home Moving

At Belton Bros we are fully equipped to handle any mobile home moving situation. We handle all the details.

Efficient, professional, and safety conscious, we get the job done right…more

Service Crane

Crane for Hire

We’re able to move sea-cans and storage containers up to 45 feet…more

Includes a ticketed crane operator.

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Home base: Chemainus, BC


Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30 pm

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